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Rat Control

Harrison Pest Services is the go-to choice for residential and commercial rat control services in the local area. We commit to developing effective rat-proofing strategies custom-tailored to meet the needs of each client.

With hundreds of successful services behind us, it’s no wonder we have become known as the best pest control company in the region. If you have a rat problem that requires a professional, contact the rat removal service you can trust. Call us for a quote by clicking the link below.

Rat Control Service Estimates and Inspections

We base our quotes on the relative size, extent, and complexity of the rat infestation. This means that while we will be able to give you a quote over the phone, it can only be as accurate as the information you provide us with. To get a more precise sense of the problem, we will need to do a comprehensive inspection before treating (inspection and treatment provided at same appointment).

Our pest control professionals understands the behavior and biology of rats. They know what signs to look for and how to read them. We look for:

  • Rat droppings
  • Bite marks
  • Scratch marks
  • Torn open food packaging
  • Rustling or scratching behind the walls
  • Spots of entry
  • Footprints

Following these traces, they will determine the location and size of the rat nest and create an action plan to eliminate it. Call us now to schedule a thorough inspection.

Rat Extermination Services

If you have rats living in your home or business, our rat extermination is an excellent option. Using the industry's best techniques, we strive to eliminate every last rat on your property. Our rat removal strategies have proven time and again to be successful.

Rats can pose serious risks to your health as they can bring fleas, disease, and salmonellosis into your home or business. If you have rats on your property, call us right away.

Rat Prevention Strategies

Once we have eliminated the rats from your property, it’s time to seal it off from the possibility of future infestations. Taking all the information from the inspection, we will create a strategy designed just for you.

To learn more, contact our team today!

The Rat Pest Control Service You Can Trust

If you have a rat problem on your residential or commercial property, indoors or outdoors, call us now. We will deal with it in no time. Professional, reliable, and affordable. That’s the Harrison Pest Services difference!

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